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Building Guarantee


A Halo 10-Year Residential Guarantee protects you after the building process, and for the next 10-Years. It provides much greater protection than both the Building Act and Consumer Guarantees Act. While the vast majority of building projects will run smoothly, sometimes things do go wrong. The Guarantee provides protection when these issues arise. It may also be that your builder stops working as a builder during the 10-Years after completion. The Guarantee is there to protect your housing investment.


Regardless of what happens in the future, your Halo Guarantee will be there to help you for the next full 10-Years following completion – it’s peace of mind, guaranteed

What part of the build is covered?



[examples of structural elements]

• Concrete foundations, foundation walls and floor systems

• Piles and bracing elements, bearers, joists, subfloor framing

• Inter-story flooring

• Structural retaining and block walls



[examples of structural elements]

• Structural framing e.g. beams, lintels

• Bracing elements and fixings e.g. Ridged air barriers which provide bracing

• Structural steel portals, beams and columns



[examples of structural elements]

• Trusses, rafters, purlins, tile battens and bracing members

• Ceiling diaphragms

• Sheathing material such as ply



[if cover goes outside of primary structure]

• Piles and bracing elements, bearers, joists, stringers, subfloor framing

• Decking material

• Balusters, handrails, posts

• Pergola or other structure over, if carrying a roof

For more information please download the Halo Homeowners Brochure below
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